Member & Guest Information


Dress Code

Members’ attire should be dictated by the occasion and the hour of the day but should always be neat and appropriate.

Children are expected to adhere to the dress code and Members are expected to advise their children and guests of the dress requirements. Club management reserves the right to ensure compliance with the dress code when necessary.


Persons including children wearing bathing suits must also wear coverups, shirt, and always wear footwear inside the Clubhouse and in the outdoor dining areas.

Dining Room

The Dining Room is the more formal venue at GHYC and jackets are recommended for men. Members and guests are requested to be thoughtful and considerate in their choice of attire. After 6:00 p.m. the following are not permitted in the Dining Room and Dining Room Bar: caps, collarless shirts, shorts or casual flip flops; Denim blue jeans are permitted only when worn with a jacket.

Grill Room

The Grill Room is the more informal dining area at the Club. Casual sportswear is acceptable. Caps are permitted only on the deck and in the bar area.

Tennis & Squash

Tennis whites are recommended and encouraged but not required.


Shirts, lifejackets, and boating shoes are recommended for all Members and required when using Club-owned boats. All children twelve (12) years of age and under must wear a USCG approved life vest, as required by Massachusetts state law. Life vests are available from GHYC.

Cell Phone Policy

The goal of the Club is to provide a congenial atmosphere with the expectation that our Members are 
present with their families, friends and other Members. With that in mind, the use of electronic 
devices should be limited, even where permissible.

Cell Phone Usage Policy: Cell phones must remain in silent mode at all times. Cell phone use for 
conversation is permitted only in the following areas:
    • in the second-floor business center of the Clubhouse
    • on the docks and on Members’ boats
    • at the Family Pool for very limited conversation
    • in all parking lots, where in-car use is preferred
    • at 56 Union between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless occupied for an event.
Cell phone use for conversation is not permitted at any time in the following areas:
    • in the Jobson Sailing Center or on its porch
    • in the locker rooms of the Sports Barn
    • in the Clubhouse hallways, Dining Room and upper deck, Grill Room and porch
    • on the Clubhouse lawn, Bocce court or on any Clubhouse walkway
    • inside the Tennis Center Clubhouse or on the porches
    • on the tennis courts or in the squash building
    • at the adult lap pool

If you receive a call, please move to an area where cell phone use is permitted before answering.   
Headphones and other wireless earpieces for conversation purposes are not permitted at any time on Club property except in cell phone usage areas as outlined above.

It is preferred that devices not be displayed on tables or bar tops in the Grill Room or Dining Room.



Club parking is limited and for the exclusive use of Club Members. Member parking passes must be displayed on the windshield at all times.

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