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The Great Harbor Yacht Club Foundation was formed in 2018 and is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Nantucket Harbor and its marine ecosystem. The Foundation will work with the Town of Nantucket’s Department of Natural Resources and others to fund projects which might otherwise go unfunded in furtherance of the Foundation’s mission and the Town of Nantucket's Strategic Harbor Plan.

Board of Directors
President Elliot Gewirtz, Vice President Cece Fowler, Treasurer Grady Durham, Clerk Ron Zarrella, Karen Ketterer, Jack Manning, and Jeffrey Parker 

Scientific Advisory Committee
William DuPaul, Ph.D.,  Brian von Herzen, Ph.D., Robert Orth, Ph.D.


What We Have Done and Where Are We Going

Great Harbor Yacht Club Foundation Presents - A Year in Review 

Please join us to hear more about the Town of Nantucket Natural Resources Department’s efforts in collaboration with the Great Harbor Yacht Club Foundation to understand the ecosystem changes in the Nantucket Harbor and their efforts to improve the health of the harbor. Additionally, viewers will learn about successful restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay and what that might mean for Nantucket Harbor. There is a panel of experts, who have been intimately involved in the long-term investigation of the marine environment of our harbor. Listen to their answers to pre-recorded questions following the presentation.


Please watch for this presentation airing soon on NCTV18 YouTube Channel and on TV Channel 18. It will also be available on the websites of the Town of Nantucket's Natural Resources Department ( the Great Harbor Yacht Club (



July 28th will be one of celebration for The Great Harbor Yacht Club Foundation and its commitment to promoting the health of Nantucket Harbor’s marine ecosystem.  In the morning four Traditional 12 Metre Yachts will depart for a day of friendly competition.  The evening continues with an elegant party on Brant Point under a waning crescent moon and a million stars.

For more information on The Great Harbor Yacht Club Foundation please log into your member account or email [email protected]

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